Flat Screen Television Installation

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Not long ago it wasn’t possible for the average household to have a safe, discreet wall mounted TV, especially not a wide screen television. Today things are different and it’s well within the bounds of most families to have a flat screen TV in every room. And the best place to put your television set is on the wall, for several reasons.

First of all a large flat screen is easy to topple over. If you have kids, pets, or even if you get tangled in  the wires when you’re vacuuming, it’s simply too easy to knock the set over, causing irreparable damage to the screen.

The screens themselves are delicate, meaning that scratching, cracking, and damage caused by bending or flexing the TV are all quite possible, caused by people brushing against them or leaning on them if they’re on a table or other furniture.

Finally there’s the space they take up. Old TV sets used to be a considerable, heavy piece of furniture. While they sat comfortably on the floor or on a sturdy table flat screens are perfect for hanging on the wall. Once mounted they take up no floor space whatsoever, making them unobtrusive and adaptable to fit in with any style of home décor.

Fast, Friendly Flat Screen Wall Hanging Service

Once securely fitted to the wall all the requisite cabling can be subtly concealed within cavity walls or in trunking and cable ducting, making the lines look neat and tidy, and preventing them from becoming a trip hazard for householders.

Mounting a TV to the wall is a quick and easy job, so long as you’ve got good DIY skills and plenty of hands. If you’re not keen on trying to mount the set on the wall yourself it’s a wise idea to get professionals in. Briant Communications’ engineers are all experienced in this kind of work. On top of knowing exactly what they are doing, each one is fully insured, the work covered by warranty, and all the parts Briants supply are covered by both their warranty and manufacturer’s standard guarantees.

For more information on wall mounting for televisions and home cinema systems, get in touch with our friends at Briant Communications via their Contact Us page or phone direct on 01273 465377

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