European and Foreign Satellite TV

Southern England is home to many people who have come here to study and work from abroad, it’s a fantastic part of the world to live in and we welcome them all with open arms.

But that’s not to say that people travelling here from foreign climes won’t feel homesick from time to time, and TV in your own language can be the easiest way to get your fix of home life without flying home!

A&S supply and install satellite dishes aligned to pick up broadcasts from all over Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Russia, the Middle East, and beyond. If you need a special decoder to pick up these channels, or a motorised dish which will align to more than one satellite transmitter then your A&S engineer will advise you what you need and what the costs will be before carrying out any work.

All The European Channels You Could Want

If English is your second language or your partner pines for the soaps and talent shows from home and movies in their mother tongue then get in touch with us. If you’re learning a second language and want to immerse yourself in it by watching news and documentaries in your target language, or you’re a language teacher who uses TV as a teaching tool to get your students engaged then A&S have the satellite solution to fill your needs!

And if you’re a sports fan then foreign satellite TV is a must for you too. Keep your eye on all the talent as it comes up from grass roots to appear on the international circuit, get the gen on teams, players and athletes’ home tournaments, or just enjoy games, races, and events which you won’t normally get to see on British telly.

The range of solutions is almost as varied as the number of channels you can receive, so if you’re interested in getting TV from a single country, or you would like a motorized dish which can lock on to a number of different satellites in the northern hemisphere, giving you access to an untold number of different shows, games, tournaments and movies then call us today for a quick, efficient insured and guaranteed satellite dish installation.

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