Additional TV Sockets And Television Cables In Every Room

There can't be many homes or business which only have one television, however, many properties only have one line coming in from a single satellite dish or aerial.

If you want to watch TV in another room you'll likely have a TV with its own indoor aerial which picks up Freeview, but not your complete subscription package. That means you're paying for all those TV channels, but you can only watch them on one television set.

There is another way! Simply fit additional TV sockets in whichever rooms of your home or business you want to see TV from your main aerial or satellite dish and you can watch any channel you like wherever you like. This solution is especially useful if you're living in an area with poor reception. Your roof or attic mounted aerial may be able to pick up all the Freeview channels you want, but you could find a set-top aerial just can't.

All Your Subscription TV In Every Room

A&S can install any number of different television sockets and outlets throughout your home or business quickly and efficiently. These extension leads come from the receiver instead of the decoder, meaning that you can watch any channel on any TV anywhere in the house (provided you've got additional decoders for satellite TV). So if you're building an extension, having a loft conversion, or simply updating a bedroom so you can watch the whole range of television channels, whether on a satellite subscription, Freesat or Freeview Digital TV, we can put in TV plugs wherever you need.

A&S Install & Repair:

  • TV Sockets
  • Independent Channel Control
  • TV Amplifiers & Splitters
  • HDMI Full HD Distribution
  • Home Networking
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