Expert Professional Aerial Installation

A&S are specialists in indoor and outdoor television aerial installations.

Over our 50 years in the trade we’ve delivered an outstanding service to many thousands of customers throughout the south of England. Depending on your circumstances and the aspect of your property we can fit a range of different television aerials, suitable for digital television broadcasts, either in the loft or on the roof of your property.

In areas where the signal is strong an aerial inside your attic is the perfect solution. It’s easy to install, requires little maintenance, and isn’t subject to the stormy conditions which are so familiar to anyone living on the south coast, or inland for that matter.

For The Best Sound And Picture You Need A Professional Aerial Installation

Where the signal isn’t so strong and in areas where greater elevation is required then fitting the antenna to the roof, chimney stack, or on a mast may be necessary. In these instances a sturdier, more robust outdoor aerial is required. These are designed to withstand everything the elements can put them through, from freezing temperatures to the heat of the summer sun, from the blasts of wind and rain on a stormy day to the times when birds roost and try to build their nests on them. Whatever nature tries to do to them, A&S aerials will withstand and continue to provide uninterrupted television to your home.

A&S will:

  • Do everything we can to install your TV aerial delivering the best signal, no matter how high your roof
  • Install a safe and secure aerial covered by all appropriate guarantees and insurance
  • Give you an accurate estimate, outlining all the costs before we carry out any work
  • Provide a free, no obligation estimate
  • Carry out all work as quickly, cleanly and safely as possible, with the least interruption or inconvenience to you

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