Communal Satellite Dish And Aerial installation

A&S have long been one of the leading communal aerial and satellite receiver installers in southeast England.

With over 50 years’ experience installing aerials and satellite dishes in any number of different properties it’s no surprise that we’ve become experts in installing receiver arrays in apartment blocks, HMOs and housing developments.

We’re the property manager’s and landlord’s choice when it comes to installing, repairing, maintaining and replacing satellite dishes and aerials.

There are still any number of old, rusting, useless, misaligned systems on the roofs and on the walls of many properties which make the building look dreadful. Call A&S and we can put it right. We’ll safely remove all the old, damaged or loose antennas and TV dishes which have likely been inexpertly installed by many different handymen over the years and replace the lot with a single mast with your choice of aerial and satellite dish.

Immediate Improvement In Picture And Sound Quality

After the old equipment has been replaced your residents will notice an immediate improvement in the quality of signal they each receive. Once a professional job has been done with the best quality equipment, including the aerials and dishes themselves and all the fastenings and anchors, it’s worth keeping in touch. We offer a maintenance and repair service which means we get to know our customers, the buildings and individuals therein.

We are fully insured and offer guarantees on all the work our engineers carry out, but once the warranties have expired storms will still buffet and birds still roost, and being so close to the coast the salt air will tend to make corrosion prone parts decay faster than they otherwise might. Our regular maintenance and servicing inspections mean that we will be able to identify potential issues before they become problems, consequently your residents will remain happy and complaint free!

No matter how high the building, the number of residences, or the age of the building A&S offer a free, no obligation survey. We’ll tell you the best type of aerial and satellite receiver that could be used and again, a free, no obligation quote for the cost of carrying out the work.

Contact our office today on 800 919737 for installation, repairs, and maintenance.

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